Risk Assessment Inspection

A risk assessment survey of a commercial / domestic property proposed for insurance aims to review the adequacy of fire safety, find out any associated moral / physical hazards, and to identify the exposed risks and its separation. It aims to ascertain the high risks and to provide the insurer/proposer means for risk improvement and take all the preventive means to control / mitigate the exposure to risks and monitoring that exposure. Our risk survey clarifies:-

Descriptive process:

  • Description of the subject-matter (including layout of the site and the construction scheme)
  • Property Age and condition.
  • Description of all the machine/equipments, if any, and any hazards associated with it during its operation.
  • The neighboring premises and the extent, to which they affect the establishment, subject of insurance.

Risk Management:

  • Identifying the risks and the possibility of their probability and severity.
  • Ascertaining and measuring the sufficiency, efficiency and appropriate distribution of the available firefighting systems and emergency plan and exists.
  • Ascertaining the extent of management commitment to fire prevention/protection systems in order to prevent fires, e.g., regular maintenance programmes, housekeeping, correct storage practices, and smoking areas, etc.)
  • Record of the previous losses.
  • Calculating the Probable Maximum Loss (PML) and the Maximum Foreseen Loss (MFL).
    Categorization of the risks on the basis of its inception, spread, discovery and the extinguishment efficiency).
  • Separation of Risks.
  • Analyzing of the insured value, and ascertaining adequacy.
  • Providing the necessary recommendations as to:
    • Reduction of fire hazards risks whether moral/physical.
    • Adequacy of fire protection measures.

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