Fire / Flood / Water / Insurance Claims

Our aim is simple, to assess the damages, ascertain the proximate cause, minimize the losses and finally, upon request, to provide estimate quotations to restore the property to its original condition. To achieve this, we will:

  • Instruct CIO surveyors to prepare a description of the incident circumstances, detailed survey and preparing the inventory to quantify the sustained damages of the subject-matter insured.
  • Carry out the necessary investigation to ensure the genuineness of the claim and establishing liability. In addition to ascertain whether the insured took all the necessary measures to protect adequately their assets.
  • Complete all of the documentation to realize the true costs of the sustained damages and any knock-on effect it may have.
  • Studying the adequacy of the policy sum insured and its terms & conditions to realize whether the incident is exposed to be whether underinsurance or out of coverage.
  • Minimizing the losses by seeking the necessary third party recovery, assessing the market salvage value of the damaged items and negotiating the claim figures based on our expertise and investigation makes a real difference to minimize losses.

  • Upon request, we manage the restoration of the damage property with the best liaison and cooperation with the claimant to achieve the accepted restoration according to the insured’s need.

What if the claim in question is already underway but mishandled?
Even if the claim was assigned to a loss adjuster who mishandled the claim, we are capable to control and overcome any arisen issues through our skilful negotiating and technical skills.

Do not hesitate to take the next action:
Kindly, accept our offer to have a free advice through calling CIO on 01001136311 and there is no-obligation Or, Have one-hour free consultation by meeting one of our claims manager Or, Complete our website online enquiry form and get our reply within 2 business days.