About Us

Our firm is established since 1962 and registered by the EFSA - Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority under No. 31 while their owners loss adjusters were registered under 28 and 1125 according to the regulation of the EFSA.
Loss Adjusters
Loss Adjusters are appointed and paid by the insurers to assess, based on the policy terms & conditions, the validity, size of the claim and minimizing the losses by any recovery means, whether acquiring salvage value of the damage items and/or seeking recoveries from the involved third party.

Although the adjuster is engaged by and paid by the insurers, he will act impartially and do his best to settle the claim on a basis which is fair and equitable to all parties.He will take instructions from the insurers on the scope of their policy cover and will negotiate as required to bring about a just settlement without prejudice.

Risk Assessors
Risk Assessors carry out a risk assessment survey of a commercial / domestic property proposed for insurance which aims to review the adequacy of fire safety, find out any associated moral / physical hazards, and to identify the exposed risks and its separation. It aims to ascertain the high risks and to provide the insurer/proposer means for risk improvement and take all the preventive means to control / mitigate the exposure to risks and monitoring that exposure.